Thanksgiving Beverages


So its BEER…don’t over think it. Pick something that you normally like. Thanksgiving has some great flavors from the wide variety of food, so you almost can’t go wrong. Having said that there are some great craft beer choices for your Turkey Feast.

Brown Ale

Brown Ale pairs really well with turkey…so this would definitely be a go to beer for the entire dinner.

My recommendations are Big Sky Brewing Moose Drool Brown Ale, or for a more hoppy libation try Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.

Amber Ale

Again goes great with all of the food served at Thanksgiving. Also may be an easier sell to non craft beer drinkers that think the darker brown ale is scary.

My suggestions are Bells Brewery Amber Ale, Rogue American Amber (‘Merica!!!!!!), Left Hand Brewery Sawtooth Ale (veteran owned), and the classic New Belgium Fat Tire Ale


I have been on a big lager kick as of late…so why not take that into thanksgiving. The clean, crisp flavors of a goof lager are the perfect beer to pass out in between courses, or while you take a break to watch the football games.

I recommend Founders Brewing Co. Solid Gold, KCBC El Tren Rapido Mexican Style Vienna Lager, Sixpoint Brewing The Crisp Pilz, Firestone Walker Pivo Pils, and Coney Island Brewing Mermaid Pilsner.


So what is the best wine for turkey???? Well what do you like to drink? No seriously, again don’t over think these things. If you normally are a Merlot drinker, why all of a sudden would you change to Chardonnay for Thanksgiving, or vice versa. Pick something that you would normally drink!

If you really want some suggestions for pairing best bet for red wine and turkey is Pinot Noir, but I also enjoy a Cabernet Sauvignon aged in French Oak (the french lends a smoother flavor than wine aged in American Oak).

For white wines go with a Oak aged Chardonnay, a dry Reisling, or if you want to throw everyone a curve ball try a dry Gew├╝rztraminer.

For dessert try a sweet Reisling, an Ice wine, or to pair with ice cream a nice Raspberry wine.


SO for cocktails what’s better than whiskey as your main alcohol of choice! I pretty sure whiskey is the perfect catalyst for that political conversation brewing at your dinner table.

Fall Fashioned:

A cider-y spin on the classic Old Fashioned.

1 1/2 parts whiskey

2 parts apple cider

3/4 parts simple syrup

Orange slice

A few dashes of bitters

Directions: Add ingredients to rocks glass, muddle orange, add ice and stir.

Whiskey Harvest:

Get pickled with pumpkin and maple flavors.

2 parts whiskey

2 dashes maple syrup

1/2 part pumpkin butter

Squeeze of a lemon wedge

Dash of allspice liqueur

Directions: Shake ingredients over ice until frosty. Strain into coupe glass.

Fired Up:

An awesomely apple-centric take on the whiskey and ginger.

1.5 oz. whiskey

1 oz. Apple Juice

Top with Ginger Beer

Directions: Add liquids and garnish with apple slices (if you feel like it.)

Cider Sangria:

Deliver an apple sangria kick to your Thanksgiving gobble-thon.

4 parts chardonnay (low-oak)

2/3 parts whiskey

1/3 parts parts apple brandy

1 1/2 parts pure apple cider

1/3 parts honey

Sliced ginger

Cinnamon sticks

Apple slices

Juice of one lime

Juice of one lemon

Directions: In pitcher, combine all ingredients besides apple wedge and citrus, then refrigerate. Before serving, add apple slices and citrus and mix well.