Episode 26: Alex West and Rob Garnett of One More Wave

This week we welcome Alex West and Rob Garnett of One More Wave.  Alex is the founder, and Rob is the Chief of Operations, of this amazing organization that strives to provide wounded and disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment.  Even more important than this specialized equipment, One More Wave is creating a community by connecting veterans with a global network of surfing volunteers.   This community enables the veterans to achieve surf therapy all over the world.  Dust off your copy of Endless Summer, throw on a wetsuit, and get ready to enjoy the stoke with two amazing veterans giving back to those that gave their all for our country!

Episode 25: Cliff Payne, Founder of Decisive Aim

Happy New Year and welcome back!  After a short break for the holidays Bulletproof Veteran Podcast returns to start 2021 off right.  This week we welcome Cliff Payne, founder of Decisive Aim.  Cliff is an ex-Infantry Officer who is bringing his knowledge of security, firearms, and military tactics to the community.  Cliff discusses the importance of training and the responsibility that each one of us has for the safety of our families.  Cliff outlines some of the courses and services Decisive Aim offers, and some of the future plans he has for his organization.  This episode will have you packing up your range bag and heading for the door, so make sure your cleaning kit is ready and enjoy this weeks episode.

Holiday Special with Pin-Ups for Vets

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!  This week we get into the holiday spirit with Pin-Ups for Vets.  Shannon Corbeil and Erikka Davis describe what it is like to be pin-up models, and the mission of Pin-Ups for Vets.  They highlight the importance of raising money for VA and military hospitals, and how their organization strives to raise the morale of the veterans who need it most.  Whether it is visiting 71 VA and military hospitals around the United States, or brightening the day of deployed service members around the globe, Pin-Ups for Vets embodies service and what the holidays are all about.  Sit back with some eggnog and enjoy this holiday treat!

Episode 24: Nick Palmisciano, Founder of Ranger Up and Diesel Jack Media

This week we welcome Nick Palmisciano, founder of Ranger Up and Diesel Jack Media.  Nick has spent his post-military career building one of the most recognizable veteran brands, and now has undertaken the mission of helping other businesses through his new marketing and media company.  We talk about the importance of small businesses, and the role they play on the global stage.  He outlines how he approaches his media relationships, ensuring that the customer is a good fit for his organization, while keeping the focus on the overall goal, growing the business.  Nick also walks us through how his experience writing, co-producing, and starring in larger productions, like Range 15, has prepared him to help other companies expand and reach their goals.  Get ready for Nick’s honest and straightforward opinions on the veteran community, business, and the world.

Episode 23: Rudy Reyes, Co-Founder of Force Blue

This week we welcome Rudy Reyes, star of the HBO series Generation Kill and the Co-Founder of Force Blue.  Rudy shares his thoughts on everything from COVID-19 to mental health, and outlines his new mission “to save the world”.  Rudy, and other special forces divers, have teamed up to form Force Blue, an organization focused on saving the coral reefs.  By uniting the community of Special Operations veterans with the world of marine science and conservation, Force Blue has created a trans-partisan model of caring, cooperation and positive change with the power to restore lives and restore the planet.  Time to get fired up and support this noble cause! (

Episode 22: Ryan Pulliam, Co-Founder of Specular Theory

This week we are joined by Ryan Pulliam, the Co-Founder of Specular Theory.  Specular Theory is leading the charge in the advancement of virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.  Ryan discusses their partnership with the DOD, and the United States Air Force, and also the company’s recent collaboration with Tim Kennedy and the Special Forces community.  Specular Theory is providing unique technology to solve problems not only for the military, but also civilian organizations and law enforcement.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we discuss how science fiction is the new reality!  

Episode 21: Ron Gamble, President and Brewmaster of Veterans United Craft Brewery

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  In celebration of the holiday, we welcome Ron Gamble, President and Brewmaster of Veterans United Craft Brewery.  Before everyone starts to tear into their Thanksgiving feasts, we discuss all things beer.  Ron describes the transition from home brewing, to craft brewing, to finally owning and operating his own brewery.  We talk about the difficult steps to brewery ownership, and also the importance of the brewery being a mainstay in the community.  Ron outlines the brewing process for his year round, seasonal, and small batch beers.  Sit back and grab a pint as this Navy veteran tells us the story of how he turned a dream into a reality.

Episode 20: Marina Jackman and Cecilia Deyo, GWOT Memorial Foundation

This week we welcome Marina Jackman, President and CEO of the GWOT Memorial Foundation, and Cecilia Deyo, President of D-Dey Response Group and Board Member of the GWOT Memorial Foundation.  Marina and Cecilia discuss how the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation leads the effort to plan, fund, and build the National GWOT Memorial on the National Mall, in Washington, D.C., on a site befitting the historical significance of service in this war.  They outline the process and hurdles to plan and construct a memorial that will serve as a place of honor, healing, empowerment, and unity.  Marina and Cecilia also provide information on how everyone can get involved at

Bonus Episode with Rucking 2 Remember

Join me for a bonus episode as we check in with Keith Bridges of Rucking 2 Remember.  Keith is on the final leg of his 365-mile ruck to honor the service members that gave the ultimate sacrifice during the Global War of Terrorism.  We talk to Keith as he makes his way through Virginia just 2 days before he and his team arrives at Arlington National Cemetery, on Veterans Day.  Keith fills us in on how the ruck has gone, some of the hurdles he has encountered, and what keeps him motivated throughout this grueling adventure.  If you would like to support Rucking 2 Remember, please donate to their scholarship fund at 

Episode 19: Scott R. Tucker, Founder of US Vet Wealth

This week we welcome Scott R. Tucker, founder of US Vet Wealth.  Scott is a West Point graduate whose mission is to educate veterans and military members about the philosophy he calls Wealth & Liberty, a modern approach to Military Financial Services.  The Wealth & Liberty movement is about creating more abundance and opportunity so that veterans can have the freedom and financial independence to find their life’s purpose.  So what does that really mean, according to Scott that means “you can keep your eye on the good you can do in future and stop being stuck in the accolades of the past.”  If you are looking to change the way you manage your money and plan for the future, this is the episode for you.  You can also check out Scott’s new book Veteran Wealth Secrets, available at