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Episode 26: Alex West and Rob Garnett of One More Wave

This week we welcome Alex West and Rob Garnett of One More Wave.  Alex is the founder, and Rob is the Chief of Operations, of this amazing organization that strives to provide wounded and disabled veterans with customized surfing equipment.  Even more important than this specialized equipment, One More Wave is creating a community by […]

Episode 24: Nick Palmisciano, Founder of Ranger Up and Diesel Jack Media

This week we welcome Nick Palmisciano, founder of Ranger Up and Diesel Jack Media.  Nick has spent his post-military career building one of the most recognizable veteran brands, and now has undertaken the mission of helping other businesses through his new marketing and media company.  We talk about the importance of small businesses, and the […]

Episode 21: Ron Gamble, President and Brewmaster of Veterans United Craft Brewery

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  In celebration of the holiday, we welcome Ron Gamble, President and Brewmaster of Veterans United Craft Brewery.  Before everyone starts to tear into their Thanksgiving feasts, we discuss all things beer.  Ron describes the transition from home brewing, to craft brewing, to finally owning and operating his own brewery.  We talk about the […]

Episode 20: Marina Jackman and Cecilia Deyo, GWOT Memorial Foundation

This week we welcome Marina Jackman, President and CEO of the GWOT Memorial Foundation, and Cecilia Deyo, President of D-Dey Response Group and Board Member of the GWOT Memorial Foundation.  Marina and Cecilia discuss how the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation leads the effort to plan, fund, and build the National GWOT Memorial on […]

Episode 19: Scott R. Tucker, Founder of US Vet Wealth

This week we welcome Scott R. Tucker, founder of US Vet Wealth.  Scott is a West Point graduate whose mission is to educate veterans and military members about the philosophy he calls Wealth & Liberty, a modern approach to Military Financial Services.  The Wealth & Liberty movement is about creating more abundance and opportunity so […]

Episode 18: Keith Bridges, Founder of Rucking 2 Remember

This week we welcome the founder of Rucking 2 Remember, Keith Bridges.  After serving in the Marines, including two tours in Iraq, Keith set out to preserve the memories of the over seven thousand men and woman who gave their lives during the Global War on Terrorism.  Through rucking, his organization spreads awareness and provides […]